A Meeting Spot For Moments Of Joy

People with good taste visit us every day; Barmutet is the type of place where you could find the love of your life in a multinational environment Come and discover our scents, textures and flavors.


Our Passion

All of our Mediterranean ingredients used for our authentic cuisine are carefully selected with the aim to delight your taste buds. Our blend of textures and colors incite the perfect environment to live unforgettable moments with the close ones and strangers as well.


Barmutet is a cozy place and perfect for a vermouth or tapas evening. Come and live unforgettable moments with your partner or group of friends, or meet someone special while sharing a drink.


Our magic is endorsed by our long experience and by our concern to surprise those who visit us.


Michelin Guide



Find us in the Michelin Guide for the second year.


High quality kitchen, locally sourced products and the hand of the chef:

simply a good meal!


Barmutet's People


Indulge Yourself In With Your Five Senses


Your mouth will start watering the instance you take a glance at our colorful and tasty dishes, which represent a real gastronomic art


Impossible to resist the stimulating noise of the corkage and the slight fall of a good wine being poured into your glass

You will be hypnotized by the naughty scents coming from all the ingredients we use to prepare our exquisite tapas


Enjoy the pleasure in your mouth when tasting our vermouths; fruity and sweet, with different spices and bitter endings


Our soft and mellow snacks will give you goosebumps. They are as delicious as that!


A Burst Of Flavors


We have a wide variety of black and white vermouths, balanced mixtures of herbs and spices, fruit, citrus, sweet and soft


Our wines come from different vineyards scattered around the country, conserving thus their authentic scents.


With grapes conceived by the rays of the Catalan sun. Available in brut and Gran Reserva brut nature


Local or foreign, dark or blonde, this ancestral gift cannot go missing in our menu. Quench your thirst with your favourite craft


Enjoy our high-quality products and allow our sea and mountain flavours take you on a gastronomic tour

Canned Food
Canned Food

Canned food is now the latest culinary trend. Give a try to these delicious and healthy gourmet wonders and invite your friends for some tapas!


We pay special attention to the quality of our traditional cuisine, such as our delicate and tasty handmade bread.S

Flavours and textures
Flavours and textures

A little snack while you waiting for you food to come


Way more than just a Tapas Bar

Barmutet also invites you for an essential morning coffee. We offer infusions and a variety of dishes to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We provide roasts, truffles, charcuterie, rich desserts and cheese to enjoy with wine and a friend’s laughter.

Come and find a shelter in our warmth facility and live an unforgettable adventure.


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Carrer de la Ciutat, 2 local
T. 93 813 46 43


Obert de dimarts a diumenge
de 10: 30h a 24: 00h

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